The Rev. Hilario Albert Priest in Charge

Father Albert has been Priest in Charge of St. Peter’s since 2004. A native of La Romana, Dominican Republic, he worked for the city of New York as a building manager for many years before being ordained a priest in 2003. His ministry interests include youth and outreach. When not busily running St. Peter’s, he enjoys going to the gym, watching basketball, and spending time with his grandchildren.

Contact: hilario.albert@stpeterspcny.org


The Rev. Kristin Saylor – Priest AssociateDSC_4352

Mother Kristin joined the staff at St. Peter’s in June of 2015. Originally from Wisconsin, she graduated from Virginia Theological Seminary in 2015 and was ordained a priest in September, 2015. At St. Peter’s, she focuses on Christian formation for children, youth, and adults. In her spare time, she enjoys weightlifting, yoga, and sampling the culinary delights of Metro New York.

Contact: kristin.saylor@stpeterspcny.org

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Livia Carvajal – Office Manager

Livia has been on the staff at St. Peter’s since 2012. A native of Caracas, Venezuela, she has been living in New York since 1998. You can find her welcoming guests in the main office, answering the phone, organizing our many volunteers, and generally saving the day. When not at St. Peter’s, she enjoys Zumba, traveling, and spending time with her children.

Contact: livia.carvajal@stpeterspcny.org

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Elizabeth Valdovinos – Director: Learning Center, Assistant Director: Summer Camp

Elizabeth, better known as Ely, began working with the Learning Center 8 years ago and recently took over leadership as the director. Originally from Jiquilpan, Mexico, she is currently getting her degree in Early Childhood Education from Westchester Community College. Ely loves working with the Learning Center because it’s so rewarding to watch the students improve, academically. When not busy changing young lives, you can find her hiking, exploring, or dancing.